TransJakarta alias TJ

For those who follow my IG account must know how close my relationship with TJ 😂

I should thank TJ a lot!

Firstly, I use TJ on daily basis, mostly in the afternoon from my office to the Comline station with only Rp.3500 which is very cheap compared to Gojek or any other options.

Secondly, the facilities are complete! The bus is clean,cool, and at the bus stop there is a LCD showing the bus’ ETA of each destination. The timing is not always sharply accurate but it helps at least passangers know how long to wait.

Last, the bus crew is nice and very helpful! After office hours, the bus is usually packed and for sure, impossible to get a seat. People will sit any empty seats include the priority ones! If you think you need a seat you can tell the crew and he will help you to find one.

I’ve never asked for the seat so far, but not once or twice the crew (what is kenek in English?) offered me the priority seats.

You must ask “why”, well because he/she thought I’m a preggie woman 😂😂😂. OMG, I should kick my ass to do some sports!

It’s very nice of you but no I dont need the seat, thank you bro/sis! Keep up the good work TJ 😁💪

Note : I’m not an ambassador for TJ and I’m not paid for writing this post.






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