What a hectic day

So I woke up this morning a wee bit late than usual.

Normally I wake up at 4 AM and do the cooking, house cleaning, preparing the lunch boxes, not to mention laundry thingy etc so the kids could be ready at 06.45 AM, 5 min before the school bus arrives.

But today, it’s already 5.45 AM and the school outfits haven’t been ironed yet!!! My gosh! What should I do? *fail mama detected* So I prepare the meals as fast as I can while my mouth screaming to wake the kiddos up! Showering them in one or two minutes, making them up, then I don’t know how but finally they are ready on time!!!!

As the bus coming, Dodo starts crying, he doesn’t wanna go to school. OK! I told the driver to go without Dodo, because it’s impossible  to calm dodo in a minute. A few minutes later, he’s still crying, then telling me that he doesn’t like the socks I’ve chosen for him! Well, in case you don’t know, simple thing can be a big problem for him, this time, socks do matter!! I give him another pair of socks and then put them on happily!

Then, me and Dodo go to school by ojek, hand him to his teacher, and rushing to office. Thanks to traffic, I arrive only 5 minutes late 😀



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