Happy 3rd birthday young man

Dear Abang,

Today is your birthday, happy birthday my little gentleman

I’m sorry I couldn’t be by your side at this special moment, and I know that you know the reason why 😀 I send you a happy birthday postcard, it should have been arrived yesterday or no later than today, I guess.

Abang, I hope you will enjoy today’s celebration with your friends at orphanage. I told papa to order spiderman birthday cake as your request, so don’t worry you will have it today, after months we discussed about this 😀

I couldn’t thank enough our Father for giving you in our family. You complete us. Papa and mama make sure that you and your sister will always have a wonderful childhood. A golden phase that you will remember in the future. “Tired parents happy kids” is the rule in our home, so you can explore anything, you can ask anything, you can imagine anything, you can share me every story you want me to hear, you can read as much books as you want, you can even paint on the wall (oh you did it actually 😀 ), you are allowed to make a mess with your toys anytime you want, but remember to tidy up, ok? Hahaha.. Look, don’t you think that you have the coolest papa and mama in the world? If you don’t then you have to start, because we are 😀

So what next?

Happy Disney Junior birthday my precious one, may Lord bless you the happiness, healthiness, and wisdom. I vividly remember all the promises I said in front of God, Priest, in front of congregation at the day you received the sacrament of baptism.  That’s all i need to do in my life, because that’s the reason why  God sent you to this family. I love you.

2013-05-12 12.33.50
1 month
1st birthday, Apr 2014

2015-04-20 10.54.28-crop

2nd birthday Apr 2015, just realized he used the same jeans with the previous photo 😀

4 days before 3rd birthday


Love you abang







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