Skype today

As what we do everyday, today I call my kids via Skype. While having chit chat with Dodo, Kakak suddenly came and showed me my old passport. She pointed my photograph and said “Mama, this is you”. I was laughing to see that picture, it was taken 13 years ago, when I was in my second year at Uni. That was the time when you were 40 something Kgs and you could wear XS size 😀 😀 😀 How I missed that moment.. Now, nobody will believe in me if I say back then when I was younger I had slim body just like a model. I don’t lie anyway, I have that pic as a proof.

Having back my memories, I asked Kakak “which one do you prefer, me at the pic or me now?” And she replied ” for me, you look better now ma” and I was like sooooo happy to hear that. Thank God I do not have to start my diet tomorrow then hahahahahaha.. Well, honestly, I always want to start my diet tomorrow, but when tomorrow comes I think I will have myself ready for diet next tomorrow, and repeat! So here I am, never have my diet starting 😀 😀 😀

I mean it, I should start it ASAP. Not because I’m worried that my spouse will complain about my body or silly thought that my spouse will flirt with another “model look alike” girl. He already said his promise in front of the Church and God that he would be always be with me anytime no matter what, rich-poor, happy sad, healthy-sick, and I add my own version “fat-slim” until death do us apart. I know my spouse so well, my kids always say I’m pretty, I’m happy about that, oh wait, no, my father doesn’t happy anyway. He is typical of man who thinks a woman should maintain her body, and this always be a hot topic to argue when we meet since years. But no, not because my dad as well. It’s just me who want to reduce my fat to get a healthier life than what I have now.

Thank you kakak for showing me an old pic of mine.. You recall my new year resolution back.. So let’s see, will I really start my diet by tomorrow? 😀

I miss you so much kak..








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