1/365 2016

Hello, happy 2016 😀

I’m writing from Glasgow, just arrived few hours ago from Indonesia my beloved country.

I did not plan to spend Christmas Holiday in Indonesia since actually right after new year I will have exams *scary*, but back then in early December 2015, my daughter got sick and had to stay in hospital for a week. You can call it a “mom insting”, at that time I thought that I should be there to make everything was OK during her recovery, so I immediately booked a ticket, kept my face cool when making payment pretended I didn’t see the price hahahahaha.

A day after our last class, i went back to Indonesia through Singapore, arrived safely on 13 Dec 2015. I was then back to household thingy after 3 months and I found it exhausted hahaha, but in the other side I was so happy that I could be there with my kids 24/7, prepared their food, accompanied them playing, took them out to papa’s office by bus, let them help me while making muffin, oh priceless! My kids were also very happy, they said “finally you’re here out from the cell phone” as we used to talk each other via Skype using papa’s cell phone 😀 😀

Long happy story short, on 31 Dec 2015 I had to fly back to Glasgow. We then crossed the sea by ferry to Singapore, went here and there by MRT, then we finally had to say goodbye in harbour front. My husband and kids took the last ferry to Batam and I went to Changi Airport by MRT.

So, let’s back to the topic. Happy 2016.

Every year, on the first day of January, I usually write a resolution or to do lists as a guidance for me to walk the life. This year I decide not to write one, I don’t know why, so don’t ask! Of course I set some goals for myself and my family to achieve this year but I prefer to keep them in my mind rather than to write them in a piece of paper.

When I was in the airplane, I thought maybe the only thing I want to write is not to eat any instant foods/drinks in 2016. So I made a deal with myself to life more healthy, as simple as reduce the instant foods intake. Easy to say, hard to do, but hey I love challenge 😀 😀

Not more than 5 hours since the deal I made, I arrived at my flat then rushed to the kitchen to find something to eat. O ow, my fridge was empty. I checked internet and found that nearby supermarket was closed due to new year celebration. So what should I do? I saw an instant noodle, it must belong to one of my flatmates, texted them to inform I would eat the noodle because I was starving to death with no food to eat 😀 :D. I couldn’t believe that I already failed at the first day!!!! Hahahahahaha…

Back again to the topic, I wish you a happy 2016. As a reminder for my self, I just want to put a quote from the famous William Shakespeare

” Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none”

See you,











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