Dodo, my lil gentleman

Skype time, as usual, kiddos told me everything happened or what they did for the whole day. But there was a time when they were so bussy playing so they only wanted me to watch them with no comment 😀

Scene 1

Dodo and Kakak unloaded all their toys from the box, then they used it as a bathtub for their babies 😀 😀 They also used “sarung” as the towel to be used after the baby finished showering. Dodo wanted to move the baby to other space but he found difficulty to walk as the floor was full of toys! Then suddenly Dodo said to papa ” Pa, pusing pun abang jadinya kalo kek gini” with his serious face 😀 😀 And I was like “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA”  I just couldnt stop laughing… How could he say that words? My boy duplicated his Papa!!!

Scene 2

Kiddos were bussy, I talked to papa only. After minutes, Papa told me “Ma, Dodo gusinya luka kayak bernanah”. I repeated what papa said “HAH? BERNANAH? KENAPA?” And Dodo replied ” IYA MAH, GUSI DODO BANANA, BANANA KAYAK PISANG LOH!!!!!” Eh pisang sih iya banana, ini ceritanya bernanah keleusss bang T_____T


Love you for thousand years Kiddos and Papa





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